Are Colleges Over-Charging Students?


Colleges Spend Far Less on Educating Students Than They Claim, Report Says

American Enterprise Institute…hmmm, can we assume that this report is written in an unbiased fashion?  I also wonder why only “classroom instruction” counts as educating students.  If we narrowly define educating students in this manner, then it would seem highly likely that students are paying for a lot more than “classroom instruction.”

The inherent problem with this report, it would seem to me, is that it separates classroom instruction from many other supplementary elements of higher education.  These elements are NOT, indeed, unrelated to educating students,” rather, they are a vital part of the educational process.

This is equivalent to suggesting that professors only teach 8 or 10 hours a week, and therefore should only get paid for part-time work. All that “stuff” we do in our offices, at meetings, or attending professional conferences has nothing to do with “educating students” if you define it narrowly enough.

It’s unfortunate that the Chronicle is even taking this study seriously.



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